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WarCraft 3 – The Frozen Throne

Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box.
Type the following codes in the box, then press [ENTER] again to
activate. If successful, the message “CHEAT ENABLED” will appear
on the screen.

Code Result
WarpTen – Speeds construction of buildings and units
IocainePowder – Fast Death/Decay
WhosYourDaddy – God mode
KeyserSoze [amount] – Gives you X Gold
LeafitToMe [amount] – Gives you X Lumber
GreedIsGood [amount] – Gives you X Gold and Lumber
PointBreak – Removes food limit
ThereIsNoSpoon – Unlimited Mana
StrengthAndHonor – No defeat
Motherland [race] level] – level jump
SomebodySetUpUsThBomb – Instant defeat
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs – Instant victory
WhoIsJohnGalt – Enable research
SharpAndShiny – Research upgrades
IseeDeadPeople – Remove fog of war
Synergy – Disable tech tree requirements
RiseAndShine – Set time of day to dawn
LightsOut – Set time of day to dusk
DayLightSavings [time] – If a time is specified, time of day is
set to that, otherwise time of day is
alternately halted/resumed
TheDudeAbides – Fast cooldown
whosyourdaddy-One – hit kills & Unlim. HP
strengthandhonor – Keep playing after losing in Campaign mode
greedisgood 10000 – 10000 gold and lumber
keysersoze 1000 – 1000 gold
leafittome 100 – 100 lumber
daylightsavings 18:00 – Set time of day to 18:00
daylightsavings – Toggle daylight progression
itvexesme – Disable victory conditions
Greedisgood 999999 – All reasource 999999
Iseedeadpeople – reveals all the map


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  1. terimah kasih untuk codenya tapi saya masih kurang jelas , banyak pake bahasa inggris jadi saya kurang memahaminya
    sekali lagi terimah kasih

    Komentar oleh aaziz | 17 Desember 2008 | Balas

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